Female Bodybuilder And Fitness Cams

November 30th, 2020

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You thought all muscle girls look like dudes? Ha, think again! Check out the hot bodybuilder cams at Muscle Camgirls and you’ll soon be changing your mind.

I used to make the same sort of jokes – that FBBs all look like bros with tits. But that’s bullshit. Sure, not all the full-on muscle girls are my cup of tea. When a buddy first pointed me to musclecamgirls.com, I started off hitting on the fitness and sporty girl types. But I’ve got increasingly fascinated with the more muscular girls over time.

Laugh if you want, but I’ve become kind of obsessed with their clits. The buffer they get, the bigger that little man in a boat seems to grow! When I see a muscular cam chick squirt while flicking her giant bean, I go off like a champagne cork popping every damn time. Does that make me some sort of pervert? Hell, I hope so! LOL.

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