After the Strip Comes the Orgasm

February 14th, 2019

Carmen Electra put out a strip aerobics DVD set years ago. I had a girlfriend that used them as her form of exercise. She got really good at the moves, but never put on a show for me. I used to watch her following the videos while she was dressed in sweat pants and a sports bra in our living room. She would get so pissed and embarrassed when she’d catch me watching. It always got me hard though and it did result in sex a few times once I could get her to stop being upset that I was lurking.

One of the things I love about free stripper cam shows is that I don’t have to be sneaky. The girls are online to be watched. They want me to see them strip and they put on an amazing show. Then once the clothes are off, they fuck themselves silly in front of me without any modesty. I love watching them squirm and orgasm. I wish all girls could be that confident.

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