Bring the Party To You

December 18th, 2018


I’ll never forget the first time I discovered Cambb. I had recently broken my leg on a ski trip for my buddy’s week-long bachelor party bonanza. While everyone else was still hitting the slopes I was stuck at the ER. And then to make matters worse, while everyone was hitting the strip clubs and having the time of their lives, I was stuck back in bed at the hotel just chilling. In fact, they ended up getting me a separate room so they wouldn’t disturb me when they came in drunk and rowdy in the middle of the night. What was supposed to be the last awesome weekend of us all being technically single ended up being 5 nights of total isolation and pain for me at least. Knowing they were having a blast was just salt in the wound.

I’m not one to sit around and mope though. I decided while they were partying it up, I was going to find a way to spend my long days and nights. I started cruising the web for cam sites and CamBB was far and away the best. They even stream cams from other top sites so you don’t miss a thing.

And while my buddy’s were getting their wallets drained by girls they weren’t allowed to touch, I was getting my balls drained by naughty cam girls in sexy live shows that had me thanking my stars I was stuck inside. The broken leg still sucked though.

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