Private Stripteases on Live Cams

November 10th, 2018

Strip clubs are not places that I generally hang out at. I find them annoying and frustrating. I love the strippers and the whole girls getting naked part, but I hate all the other guys, the noise, and feeling like I need to compete to get the most attention. Then there is the matter of getting so turned on and not being able to immediately relieve those sexual urges. The no touch policy also gets really difficult to adhere to. I know I am in the minority in not loving going to those places, but it is what it is.

Instead, I like getting private shows with stripper cams. I get the girl’s undivided attention and can jerk off right then as it’s happening. I can make requests and watch her do even more than dance once all the clothes are off.

Strip clubs usually only go as far as the stripping. The girls get naked and dance around, collecting your cash. Stripper cams go further with mutual masturbation and watching the girls orgasm. The ones that strip AND squirt are my all time favorites.

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