When You Recognize a Cam Girl

October 26th, 2018

Pornstars are actually pretty easy to meet if you pay attention to industry events. There are lots of signings, conventions, etc. Cam girls are a different story. A lot of them try very hard to keep their online life separate from their offline one. Most cam sites allow models to block specific locations from watching them.

I was on the way back from a road trip. A friend and I stopped at a diner to eat. The waitress looked really familiar but I couldn’t quite place her. Then I saw the gummi bear tattoo peeking out from under her collar. As soon as she left the table, I was on my phone and checking to see if I was right. Sure enough, she was from a cam site.

When she brought the bill, I smiled and asked if it was her. Her face went white and she said no, then hurried away. Someone else brought the change back. As we were leaving, I saw her outside smoking and looking like she was going to cry. I felt awful. I left a big tip and then waited a few days before camming with her again, but didn’t say a word about having seen her. I’m actually one of her regulars now and she has no idea.

I can’t guarantee that you will ever recognize a cam girl, but you have to go on the sites if you want a chance. Make use of the free sign-up with this Cam4 discount link and then check out more live cam freebies.

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