Let’s Level the Playing Field

May 3rd, 2018

Are you, like me, tired that the odds too often seem stacked against the introverted?

Job interviews by design requires you to sell yourself on the spot to a bunch of strangers in a setting you are unfamiliar with, competing against others for a better career. This very process seems completely tailored to suite extroverts.

And that… does not even compare when it comes to dating.

The first thing any woman will tell you is that confidence is key. This very clearly is an extrovert’s game too then.

Then along came sex chat and webcam porn and I discovered the perfect environment to practise and get better at breaking out of my introvert shell.

Try this Live Jasmin bonus discount and start practising chatting to chicks from the safety of your own home where you can pull the plug at any point you wish. It changed my life.

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