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June 17th, 2014

PreciousDuet flirty fun young cam couple

When these two love birds got together their parents were not happy. Each set had their own reasons and both sets of parents forbade them from continuing to see each other. They were crushed. Especially the girl. She had finally met a boy she liked and now she was going to lose him. PreciousDuet needed to do something quick or they were going to be out on the street!

Quick thinking they came up with a plan. They would have sex for the first time on a webcam and see if guys wanted to see them or not. Maybe they could make enough to pay the first months rent and put down a security deposit?

Sure enough porncam couple PreciousDuet were a hit online. Guys and girls from all over the world tuned in to see them break their webcam cherry. They made enough to put a large dent into the money they needed in order to move out. By weeks end they had enough money for rent and them some. This young cam couple was able to furnish their apartment and buy some sexy lingerie for future shows!

See her fuck him in her real cheerleader outfit from school. Watch her learn to suck cock like a porn star from tips guys give her online.

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