See the Girls Other Guys Fuck

January 23rd, 2019

People watching can be highly rewarding at times. Yesterday, I was at a local coffee shop and hit the jackpot. I was at the table closest to the kitchen. I had my laptop in front of me, but wasn’t paying much attention to my screen. Instead, I was watching the adorable brunette who was sitting nearby.

From what I could gather, she was waiting for her boyfriend to get off work. They were smiling and casting a lot of flirty looks to each other. It was obvious that they were new lovers still in that early phase of being completely smitten. As he’d go back into the kitchen, she started flashing him and he was of course loving it.

They were so caught up in each other and trying to be slick so that the boss and coworkers didn’t see, that it was like I was invisible to them. Yet I had a direct view. It was easy to imagine that she was flirting with me except our eyes never made contact. I saw this chick’s tits! She spread her legs and lifted her dress, so I saw her panties too.

It was awesome and unexpected. I obviously wasn’t going to jerk off at the coffee shop, but when I got home, I watched recorded adult webcam shows and loved how much sweet Allie Haze resembled the girl.

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