Are There Really Free Sex Cams Out There On The Internet?

April 24th, 2016

Free Sex Cams

Get ready because today I am going to go into great detail on the answer to a nagging question that always comes up: are there really free sex cams out there on the Internet? The answers will both shock and amaze you. But there are some caveats you need to watch out for and I am here to spill the beans on all of them. So grab yourself a warm towel and a good lube. You are going to need both by the time you get done with this read.

So let’s just state right out in the open that YES, there are indeed free sex cams on the internet. You can use adult webcam review sites to find free sex cams sites or you can go to the sites individually with lots of guessing and even more frustration.

To help you avoid frustration I will just say that sites like Chaturbate and Bonga Cams really do have free adult cams. How do they work? Much differently than most traditional webcam sites! These sites make their girls happy by allowing them to express themselves sexually. Whereas most webcam networks want their girls to be fully clothed unless they are in a private chat, at these two networks the girls are encouraged to not only get nude, but to masturbate as well!

But how do the girls get paid?

Good question, and I have an answer that will surprise you. The girls on these sites, and others like them, make their money by receiving tips for putting on a good performance. Sure, Streamate has Gold Shows that are cheap, but nothing compares to free. You can either tip the girls or just lurk in the corner watching them. Either way you get to see them getting themselves off.

Why use these free sites instead of the tried and true networks of yore?

Well, most cam networks in the adult space are only out to take your money. They don’t understand that you have bills to pay and that maybe there are times in your life where you have less money for entertainment than these kinds of networks charge. The girls are trained more on how to get you to take them for a private showing at upwards of $4.95 per minute than they are trained on how to actually perform in front of a camera.

So avoid the gimmicks and the conversion funnels those other guys have and stick with free sites with actual sex in the public viewing areas. Your wallet with thank you.

Read more about Chaturbate at The Debrief and be sure to bookmark for up to date reviews on the latest adult sexcam networks.

Once you have a little bit of knowledge on your side you will save money and have a lot more time left over for watching cams instead of looking for them.

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