Not Interested In a Relationship

November 17th, 2015

No relationship sex

Relationships have a lot to offer. Whether it’s the idea of having someone in your life care for you deeply, the closeness or even just the future potentials people the world over seek long and hard for that special someone. It’s what you see so many strive to achieve whether in real life or even the media. However not everyone is interested in the idea of a relationship and there are many reasons for this.

Has someone ever said to you, “I think I’m going to focus on my career at the moment”? It’s a reason often used and with the demanding nature of some jobs out there it’s a very legitimate one. A good friend of mine has poured her every effort into her job as a hairdresser, working long, late hours leaving little to no time to even meet for drinks let alone have a boyfriend. It may seem like a cold reason not to have a relationship, but to get ahead in many jobs these days commitment can often be key.

A lack of confidence should come as no surprise to anyone for being the reason people are not interested in engaging into a relationship. After all we see people struggling with asking someone out, making a move or taking a relationship further everywhere be it real life or even on television. Whether the confidence is lacking in yourself and whether you feel good enough for the other person, the actual relationship itself or even building the courage to expose your feelings, even the slightest doubts can put a spanner in the works.

Marriage and children are often the end goals of any long term relationship and there’s actually a good sum of people out there who do not want either of those things. With a more casual fling you never have to worry about the future or things becoming serious enough to reach these milestones.

Then of course there doesn’t even have to be a reason at all. Believe it or not, many people out there just prefer the casual circuit more than any relationship has to offer. There’s no real deep reason, just a personal preference.

So why might casual dating be a preferable option for some? For one it offers you more freedom. Whereas a long term commitment requires you to stay faithful to a single person, casual dating allows you to see multiple people with no real attachment. Dating websites such as allow you to get laid easily on the Internet and prove a rich source for like-minded people.

If you venture down the road of a long term relationship that may end badly, especially if you’re not really in it for the long haul mentally. People make the same mistake over and over assuming that even if they’re not into the whole commitment thing, they will change their mind over time. Not only is this leading the other person on and wasting their time, but if it ever reaches the point of marriage it could well end in divorce.

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